When women orgasm is not a myth

When you want any woman to feel an orgasm, she must be quiet, comfortable and confident.
هزة الجماع عند المرأة ليست أسطورة
Orgasm when the woman is not only a physical process or process relating to sexual relations, but with strong emotional and sensory experience of women themselves. So when you want a woman to orgasm, she must be quiet, comfortable and confident. Much research has proven that shake intercourse when the woman not only produces physiological excitement, as the physiological excitement is a secondary element in this process, but first the brain. That's why so many women have more trouble reaching orgasm.
Despite the prevailing thinking, every woman can achieve orgasm by herself and she doesn't need a man for this purpose. She doesn't need to know what men think about her and what he feels for her, all you need women to attain shiver is to love herself, her body, and as previously stated to be quiet and comfortable so that they can enjoy the quiver. That women who have to juggle their thrill just to satisfy a partner, strain for themselves more and more frustrated and fail on their own great pleasure inherent in sexual practice. To avoid this situation, women have to take care of themselves, both to love herself and her body, to tell her partner with her wishes and what she likes.
There are two types of female orgasms, first shake the clitoris. The clitoris only created a woman's pleasure, since it contains more than eight thousand nerve party, and when you are aroused by the blood vessels to widen, and filled with blood, genital and pelvic muscles. The brain interprets what gets that arousal.
Clitoral shake comprises of several peaks so coping every woman differently. There are women reach their firebrand by stream water bath, or by self pleasure through masturbation or foreplay there of using various accessories. The greater the excitement surrounding the clitoris becomes wetter, so clitoral turns to red Puffy, ending comes in the form of impending orgasm. Can do a thriller this independently and myself, along with the help of a partner. Certainly it adds to masturbation, can achieve orgasm through oral sex by a partner's clitoris and surroundings.
Either orgasm at women, they jerk called G. point this point is practically a small block of endings in an area where women urinating. You can feel the excitement at this point in two ways. First, by access and second by creating a stir at a certain point in the vagina. What's weird is that researchers aren't sure having this point originally, but it is known that women are more sensitive than other women in the vaginal area, and therefore they feel the excitement from this area, the better.
So that women feel an orgasm at the point G, it's important to be raised before it by foreplay (jerk) clitoris or through mutual caresses with partner. At the moment women are hot, the point G will arise from the vagina. Then the woman lie on her back, opened her legs and discourage them towards the belly, and to request the partner enters his fingers inside her vagina. It is important here to note that sometimes causes this feeling for women wanting to urinate, it's pretty normal, so this shows that men seem to do the job to the fullest. If the woman relaxed and still the feeling that urination pass alone. But what happens when women reach orgasm they eject sometimes transparent, odorless liquid or bait.

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