What are the benefits of marital health and aesthetic benefits are amazing

What are the benefits of marital relationship many studies confirmed that the marriage relationship has health benefits for the body., prompting researchers to embrace the call to practice marital relationship healthy and sound studies and signals more results show Some of them:
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Practicing marital relationship strengthens the immune system:

"Couples who practise marital relationship properly and follow the instructions, they are less susceptible to disease," according to an expert matrimonial relations Yvonne Fulbright. People who exercise their marital relationship have higher levels of body resistance to germs and viruses, and others a lot of bacteria. Due to the high level of antibodies in the blood. Researchers have found in weiklis University in Pennsylvania that couples who exercise their marital relationship once or twice a week have higher levels of antibodies compared with those who exercised less marital relationship. And should these activities too so get strong immune systems:
  • Healthy eating.
  • Getting enough sleep.
  • Continue to get vaccinations.
  • Preventive methods for protection from germs.

Increased desire to practice conjugal relationship:

With the increasing practice of conjugal relationship improves libido. Remember, an expert matrimonial relations Lauren shtraishr and Professor in obstetrics and Gynecology at Northwestern University in Chicago Westin "that when women complain of vaginal lubrication and elasticity and blood flow all these signals increase the desire to practice conjugal relationship."

Reduce the marital relationship of prostate diseases:

To avoid incontinence should be strong and tub that affects about 30% of women at some point in their lives.Working relationship algidhali pelvic muscle exercise when raised ecstasy it causes contractions in the muscles which makes them strong.

Working practice of conjugal relationship to lower blood pressure:

Studies have indicated the correlation between practicing marital relationship and lower blood pressure, says Dr Joseph Banzon, Executive Director of the health center UL "There are many studies, but there is one historical study between exercise of the marital relationship and reduce systolic blood pressure. And one of the early studies on blood pressure tests. – Food fights high blood pressure

Marital relationship works to increase interest in aerobics:

"Marriage is a great form of exercise" Dr Joseph that she works as a vicious circle. And that in the exercise ofmarital relationship for 30 minutes is burned my cell 85 calories or more, so the exercise of marital relationship working to burn extra calories that your body needs to get rid of them so now you could make a table and organized as with exercise Aerobics and consistency with her to achieve maximum benefits.

Exercise reduces the marital relationship of the risk of heart attacks:

Prepare a good marital relationship is a great way to increase your heart rate. Where the marital relationship balance of estrogen and testosterone also. Dr Joseph recalls that when the low percentage of any hormone of them in the body start a lot of problems such as osteoporosis and heart disease. One study demonstrated that men who engage in conjugal relationship at least twice a week they are less likely to die of heart disease.

Reduce the practice of marital relationship of pain:

Before you take an aspirin to relieve pain, try orgasm that occur during exercise marital relationship . According to Dr komsairk bye Dr specialist at Rutgers University in New Jersey that when practicing marital relationship secrete the hormone reduces pain. And chronic vaginal activation also can work to prevent back pain and leg. many women have stated that the exercise of marital relationship reduce menstrual pain and arthritis and headaches.

Marital relationship may also prevent the risk of cancer:

Prevent marital relations of prostate cancer disease. Australian studies have shown that the exercise of marital relationship reduces infection of prostate cancer is the most common disease among men. And research shows that frequent ejaculations, especially in men around the 20, may reduce the risk of prostate cancer. I have found a study published in the journal of the American Medical Association that men who have 12 times or more per month than tossing were less likely to develop prostate cancer compared with those who are 4.7 times from tossing a month. The study did not demonstrate that libel is the only factor that reduces the risk of cancer. But you must take into account the marital relationship practice as a simple worker. – How to protect yourself from cancer.

Marital relationship helps you get better sleep:

You may feel comfortable once exercise marital relationship . Remember, Cheney is amabadr psychiatric specialist in West Hollywood, California that after finishing the exercise of marital relationship is is prolactin hormone enhances the feelings of relaxation and sleep.

Reduce the practice of marital relationship of tension:

Your partner might do to calm you down and reduce tension and stress. Says Dr shiney that hugging give touched normal relieved because lust secrete chemical in the brain produce feelings of pleasure.

Exalt conjugal relationship of self-esteem:

It works to promote self esteem and happiness.
So the marriage relationship as the nature of a happy and healthy life.
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