Treating ED

The goal of surgery treat Ed
Penile consists of one channel for sperm and urethra together, and three cells distributed solid fibrous walls full of erectile tissue. In case there's a suitable catalyst, shrinking the next blood cells from the blood cells and locked within. Leading to high blood pressure and increases the rigidity of the cells which leads to an erection hard enough to have sex. There's another catalyst causes the tossing and pulling sperm from the sperm tube. In case of failure of this system, the patient may become impotent or infected balananh (Impotence). Impotence can result from many causes, including diabetes, spinal injury, addiction to drugs, and may be a result of the process of eradicating the rostata. If impotence is always, that required treatment and had taken account of synthetic Rod transplant. Not considered patients with impotence on the background of psychological problem, penile transplant candidates.
When treating impotence by surgery on the doctor tells the patient of the risks of surgery. The husband and wife must also be present during hearings about the surgery. Before surgery you must sterilize surgical area of antibacterial substance as hair hair in this area.
Surgical risks:
All implants are associated with a greater risk of HIV infection, than any normal surgery. The transplant could lead to penile irritation causing pain. This artificial part that swells needed to do after the surgery to address the flow of sperm stored or to connect the tube sperm again.
Treatment after surgery:

In order to reduce the puffiness that appears following this treatment, the rod are enclosed by ice packs for 24 hours after surgery. The surgical area is cleaned it several times a day to prevent pollution. It is expected that the patient's doctor prescribes painkillers.
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