Tips for hair care and keep it healthy and healthy during the summer

Tips for hair care and keep it healthy and healthy during the summer

The summer period may be harsh and fatal to our hair. In this article, we offer you hair care tips even during the hot days!
Tips for hair care and keep it healthy and healthy during the summer
One of the features of our Arab region is the burning summer sun, in addition to the humidity in some areas and drought in others, which is a harsh challenge for us and especially for our hair. What are the worst disasters that can happen to our hair in the summer and how to prevent it in time? Here are some common problems caused by sunlight , dehydration, humidity, sea and swimming pool - and hair care tips in summer that can deal with these problems.

Problem number one: Burn the sun to hair

So far, the sun is the first enemy of hair in the summer. Where the sun causes dehydration of our hair, and if it is dyed the problem will be more serious, because dyed hair loses natural protection materials, so the sun affect its shape and texture.
To combat this problem, hairdressers recommend following these steps:
  • Using the conditioner without washing the hair: If you do not use it, it will contribute to hair styling in the summer and adds volume to the hair roots.
  • Some hair products: You can use products designed with a high percentage of sun protection materials such as hair spray, and hair creams with sun protection factor (SPF).
  • Hat Hat: The hat can be modern and elegant so you keep your hair and you get a modern look in one. In addition, you should not forget the risk of sunburn. The hat protects the head from excessive exposure to the sun.

Problem number two: Greenness of hair

Chlorine is one of the biggest enemies of hair. If the water in the swimming pool where you swim is not subject to a properly balanced chemical control, metals like copper in the water can stick to your hair. Even in this case, dyed hair is more prone to trouble, especially hair dyed in blond.
The following steps reduce this problem:
  • Wash hair: Be sure to wash the hair before entering the swimming pool or the sea and fat cream sunscreen.
  • Moisturizing cream: Hair can be applied with moisturizing cream or greasy hair cream. You can also use acid level hair products. The goal of using these products is to create a "barrier" between your hair and the materials in the water that can make it acquire green color, thus reducing the penetration of chlorine and salt into the hair.
  • Rinse hair: Immediately after getting out of the water it is best to rinse the hair with water and wash with shampoo as soon as you get home.

Problem Number Three: Use chemicals to change hairstyle

Japanese hair straightening techniques, hair curling creams, wet hair products, hair dyes - every chemical process like this will hurt and weaken hair.Mixing the sun with chemicals aggravates the problem. Even chemicals designed to prevent curls by less moisture in summer may weaken hair somewhat.

Another fierce enemy of hair is hydrogen peroxide at a concentration of 6%.Many people put hydrogen peroxide in their hair because they think they get this way on a golden tip during the sun. In fact, there is nothing more harmful than this article. Hydrogen peroxide opens the skin wide and hurts the cortex (protective of the hair) and if there is nothing to protect the hair may dry and become tainted. Sometimes damage to hair due to the use of hydrogen peroxide may be irreversible and catastrophic.
Take care of the hair in the summer!

Problem number four: combing - excessive and drying hair

Any work of combing, brushing or by drying the hair can weaken the hair.Especially when brushing is wet, this can cause hair to be removed from its roots because wet hair is more vulnerable, more fragile and more sensitive to damage.
It is recommended to use a wide tooth comb. If you use a hair dryer, it is recommended to reduce its use. If you do this, it should be run at low temperature. It is recommended to use naphtha - a piece of hair dryer that dispenses heat evenly and softens the drying process.
Before drying the hair with a dryer, it is recommended to apply hair to the hair without rinsing. If your hair is loose, it is best to avoid using the hair dryer and other methods. 
Do not rub your hair with a towel to dry. Use a towel to gently massage and absorb excess water. Scrubbing removes the veneer that protects the hair, and with the heat from the hair dryer, this can cause damage to the hair.
Reduce the use of elastic bands, or any other form of hair extension and pull, because it weakens hair.

Problem number five: Use food products on hair

There are people who insist on putting food products on their hair like lemon juice, malt, olive oil, egg and mayonnaise, hoping to have healthy, rich and shiny hair. However, as part of the hair care tips , experts recommend using only products that are for hair only and have been tested scientifically, especially the high-quality nutrition masks that are based on moisture, not oils, suitable for your hair type, once or twice a week. It is preferable to use the mask instead of using the hair conditioner, because the mask contains more moisturizing and nourishing substances. The mask protects the hair from damage to the sun, the environment, water and weather, helps to soften it, prevent the hair from being damaged, and repair dry or damaged hair .
The mask should be greased on wet hair after absorbing excess water with a towel, wait 1-5 minutes and wash it with lukewarm water. Eating foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, such as fish and linseed oil, contributes to hair health.Biotin group B vitamins are all useful for hair and it is recommended to use 2.5 milligrams per day. It is recommended to read the usage instructions and consult your doctor before using these products.

Problem number six: The flattened limbs

Summer is a good period to cut hair or cut hair edges frequently. So it is recommended to cut the ends of the hair and certainly if it is fragrant , to improve the vitality of the hair and give it a healthy appearance. It is also recommended to avoid hair collection and intensity to prevent folds and break hair. If you wish to collect hair, it is preferable to do so by a pin and not by a rubber band. It is also recommended to paint hair with a good serum or oil of the staff that nourishes the hair.

Problem number seven: the sweat accumulated on the scalp

In the summer, hair care tips are recommended every day with shampoo suitable for daily use, because sweat builds up on the scalp, as well as fat and dirt. Washing also helps to get rid of falling hair and encourages the renewal of hair. It is recommended to start washing the hair with warm or hot water to open the pores of the scalp and finish with cold water to seal it. It is important that the shampoo is distributed on the hair and scalp.
During hair washing, gently massage the scalp skin gently using the fingertips, but beware of using nails. Massage activates blood circulation in the skin of the scalp and helps to remove dead cells. If the average hair length is so long, it is recommended to wash twice - the first time washing superficially and the second time leaves the shampoo on the hair, with a scalp massage during the period. Care should be taken to remove the shampoo residue from the hair and scalp carefully to prevent irritation and to not expose the hair to the risk of color loss and loss of gloss.
Finally, it is difficult to avoid all the causes of hair damage during the summer, but following your advice will minimize it as much as possible.
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