New facts and warnings about removing pubic hair!

Did it ever occur to you to remove pubic hair might involve some health risks?A man was or a woman, the news for you!

تحذيرات وحقائق جديدة حول إزالة شعر العانة!
The American Medical Association published (The American Medical Association) recently showed that a quarter of Americans at least damaging themselves during hair removal pubic, particularly among young men who have a lot of hair, but a large number entered into While hospitals call damage do surgery and antibiotics!

Worst technique to remove pubic hair

The report warned in particular of certain technology, lie on your back and make someone else removes the pubic hair on your behalf, the report showed that this particular technique was more methods causing damage.

The best technique for removing pubic hair

The experts probably better and more healthy technique to remove pubic hair is by using lasers, if used correctly and with the proper temperature and by professional licensed and specialist centre.

The most common types of injury as a result of removing pubic hair

The report showed that the most common injuries as a result of wrong techniques for removing pubic hair was as follows:
  • In first place: tissue (Laceration).
  • In second place: Burns and rashes.

Shocking health facts

The report found many strange facts, such as:
  • To remove pubic hair completely from all external parts of the genital area when men or women increases significantly the chances of picking up sexually.
  • Some surgeries that doctors were forced to perform for people affected by the removal of pubic hair, treat an abscess in the pubic area and scowl.
  • That shaved pubic unclean blades, may cause injury to look at the hair in that area of bacterial disease called Folliculitis (Folliculitis).

Tips to remove pubic hair without damage

  • Razor, make sure they are "new", if you are planning to remove pubic hair at home.
  • If your skin is sensitive and you want to resort to using hair removing creams, be sure to choose a custom type for sensitive skin.
  • If you have inflammation of the pubic area of any sort, treat it first.
  • If you will turn to a specialist to remove pubic hair, make sure the people are licensed and professional.
It is noteworthy that the report found that the most prevalent manscaping positions were as follows:
  • First: remove the pubic hair standing by 75%.
  • In second place: manscaping sitting by 22%.
  • In third place: manscaping sitting squat down by 13%.
  • Fourth: manscaping lying down by 12 percent.
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