Male circumcision for better sexual performance!

If you are a male who underwent genital mutilation, we bring you good news, if you haven't had a circumcision, you might want to reconsider and make your kids males.

ختان الذكور لأداء جنسي أفضل!
A new study conducted at the University of Chicago (the University of Chicago) in the United States, the process of circumcision for males (purifying), might make better sexual performance for men, and men who want to improve their sexual performance and did not submit her beforehand that Think about looking for what they submit may improve sexual performance.
The study found that men who undergo circumcision, were the most enjoyable relationship intimacy and better performance in the marital bed of others who were not subject to this process. And found that 98% of men who undergo the operation at a later age, they were happy with the results of the process have undergone, and nearly 95% of the wives of these men have felt more satisfaction and happiness about their husbands ' sexual performance and that 67% of these men felt that they had begun to enjoy the process He accidentally left over after the process.
And circumcision process takes 30 minutes, man and man the freedom to choose between local anesthesia or full, but advises men to avoid intimate exercise after operation for 4-6 weeks at least, until the rod is fully recovers.
As the researchers noted in (The American Academy of Pediatrics), the circumcision of male children at an early age may have many health benefits, especially in reducing the chances of urinary tract infections (Urinary tract infections-UTIs). Male circumcision also reduces the chances of contracting HIV (HIV/AIDS) by 60%, which made the United Nations develop male circumcision in its plan to eliminate the AIDS virus around the world by the year 2030.
This study confirms the positive impact of male circumcision operation in the long term, in addition to the benefits mentioned previously, to perform may lead to mitigate the chances of injury and injury of any kind during intercourse.
Male circumcision is the oldest surgical operations worldwide, some States still father NAT like Islam adopted by regularly and you make male newborns at an early age.
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