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Benefits of a thermos made him in front of many legumes is rich in nutritional values and mission. Get to know closely the benefits below.
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For many different health benefits thermos, due to the different vitamins and minerals contain, what sets it apart from other legumes?

What is a thermos

Lupin beans grow (Lupine), a family of legumesbean-like pods inside where the Mediterranean (Greece, the ancient Egyptians) original origin but grow in abundance in Latin America too.
The seeds of thermos on natural form may not be edible, as some may be toxic because it contains something called alkaloids Alkaloids and are bitter-tasting compound medal in many cases.
To get rid of this compound the danger usually soak thermos with salt water to remove these alkaloids, so you may need this process from one day to up to five days with saline solution at least twice. In order to obtain seeds of delicious taste and risk free.
There are over 500 species of genus thermos exist in different regions of the world and is used either in pill form or to eat certain foods and industry enters the bakery and confectionery, oil is extracted from, or fodder for animals.

Benefits of a thermos for the body

The main benefits of thermos:High nutritional value
Thermos is high food nutritional values of carbon fiber and protein and low amounts of the beneficial oils. In addition to a range of essential minerals and vitamins necessary for the body such as vitamins B, vitamin A, vitamin C, essential for many vital processes in the body and the task to strengthen the immune system.
This thermos has many classes suited, especially athletes and vegetarians to his riches by proteins, wheat allergy patients since it is free of gluten.
  • Promote and strengthen the immune system

Thermos is released for all of manganese (Mn), zinc (Zinc), two important minerals, particularly in strengthening the immune system and promoting reproductive health, regulate the activity of genes.
The thermos is the llsilinom source which is anti-oxidize manganese so strong as to neutralize free radicals and keep the cells from damage.
  • Promote healthy bones and cartilage

Magnificent thermos of metals such as calcium, phosphorus and magnesium and manganese, making him an important role in enhancing healthy bonesand cartilage and growth. \
Magnesium is also working to maintain healthy bone density.
  • Promote a healthy digestive system and intestines and metabolic processes

Thermos has always known as a diuretic and promoter of bowel thanks higher content of minerals and dietary fiber, and help deal with thermos in prevention of constipation andirritable bowel syndrome.
The content of B group vitamins, thermos kalthiamin folate makes him an important role in various metabolic processes and metabolism of both proteins, carbohydrates and fats.
  • Benefits of thermos in losing weight and losing

Thermos contributes to help lose weight and control it, thanks to its high fiber and little extra calories, which helps increase feel full and brimming waltkill from the amount of food intake later.
As he and thermos Thiamin llthiamin high source it contributes to carbohydrate metabolism and promote food metabolism and burn fat, maintain a healthy nervous system.
  • Thermos fantastic snack for pregnant women

Thermos is the perfect meal for pregnant women to get plenty of minerals and vitamins and dietary fibre, which contributes to the prevention of constipation and digestive device problems.
As to its content of folic acid and folate is important for metabolic processes and different metabolic and especially protein metabolism, which makes him an important role in gene activity, and composition of cells and enzymes.
No doubt that all pregnant know how important gaining folic acid in sufficient quantities, especially in the first months of pregnancy to protect baby from neural tube defects.
  • Reduce blood sugar levels

Contains the thermos on arginine and Arginine are kind of amino acids that contribute to lower blood sugar levels and cholesterol.
This may be the perfect food thermos for hypoglycemic.
  • Thermos benefits in cardiovascular health promotion

Contribute to reducing bad cholesterol thermos in the body due to its high dietary fiber and arginine acid.
As to the content of potassium and magnesium and other minerals makes it very useful in controlling blood pressure levels and help relax arteries and prevent escalation and heart disease and strokes.
  • Source of antioxidants

Thermos contains a rich set of powerful antioxidants that contribute to strengthening immune system such as vitamin A, vitamin C and selenium helps to protect against infectious diseases, some chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease and cancers.
  • Aesthetic benefits for skin bleaching and lightened

Enter the different skin treatments and thermos in the preparation of various natural masks competent to lighten skin color, stain removal and treatment of freckles.
Thermos works also as peeled skin wrinkles Assistant and different signs of aging.

Other features

Other features of the thermos make him superior to other legumes:
  • Contains a high concentration of essential amino acids and is one of the highest sources of protein (40% protein). Almost 4 times higher in protein than whole grain wheat.
  • Very high source of fibre (37%).
  • Easy to digest and preparation and does not need to deal with chemicals or heat.
  • Rate of absorption of nutrients in the body high (High bio-Availability).
  • Does not contain any cholesterol ratio.
  • Contains a small percentage of inhibitors of trypsin Trypsin that interfere with digestion and in other legumes.
  • Low content of irritating substances for the stomach such as: lecithin Lectins & saponins > Saponins.

Benefits of ground thermos

To use the ground is an excellent solution for thermos of wheat allergy sufferer looking for gluten free products (GLUTEN-FREE).
Possible to grind grain thermos and turn it into flour, and this process is famous for its use in both Europe and Australia, where it is carefully added to the regular wheat flour thermos which improves flavor and increases the nutritional value.
And then you can use flour thermos and its benefits in baking and confectionery, pasta and other foods of tofu and manufactured meat like sausages. So no different ground seeds benefits thermos benefits when eaten fresh, as it is beneficial to boost immune system and improves bowel work andprotects the heart and arteries.

Benefits of bitter Lupin vs the benefits of sweet Lupine

There are two types of thermos by tastes: sweet Lupine, Lupinus.
Thermos usually sweet resides in North America and Australia and Germany and don't normally need to soak in brine before consumption.
While spreading Lupine Palmer in the Mediterranean, taste to alkaloids and that are usually responsible for the bitter taste and need for a soak ranging from one day to five days using saline to remove this taste walkloidat.
I usually do not eat beans without soaking process taste time thermos that making sweet taste similar to sweet Lupine.
However, the process of maceration that might make a thermos nutrient value less bitter and minerals and antioxidants that may be lost during the process of maceration particularly potassium and magnesium.
But the sweet and sour legume equal in terms of values of dietary fiber and essential nutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins and fats.
Which makes them return to the body with almost the same benefit when addressed. Scientific research has failed to establish what distinguishes one from the other is an important influence on health.
Thermos plants are poisonous if ingested Elmer.

The benefits of sweet Lupine

Recent studies have revealed tested thermos sweet Australian several features and benefits, including:
  • Reduce blood sugar levels
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Reduced appetite
  • Improve the metabolism of carbohydrates, glucose, particularly
  • Promote healthy intestines by promoting growth of beneficial bacteria
  • A source of amino acids
  • Gluten-free.
  • Genetically unmodified.

Collateral damage

No side effects and damage may be caused by eating a thermos, which is usually eaten within quotas legumes.
However, there is evidence in the medical literature indicate a sensitivity towards addressing the thermos, especially among people who suffer from allergies towards legumes (especially peanuts), according to a statement issued by the U.S. food and drug administration in 2014.
According to this version that most people don't suffer from sensitive when dealing with thermos on the forms, but the proportion of people who suffer from allergies towards thermos is increasing.
And reactions can for thermos include anaphylaxis (or what is called baltak-Anaphylaxis: a severe reaction to allergens which could include Shock trauma) this sensitivity may be dangerous and fatal in some cases so it is necessary to first on alert Thermos and be sure not to have any risk selection.

Nutritional value of thermos

Thermos is a light meal rich in nutritional values of minerals and vitamins and dietary fiber and low in calories.
Thermos pills are good food for vegetarians and athletes are a rich source of protein. As and it does not contain gluten is wonderful food alternative for people with wheat allergy.
To you the nutritional values carried by 100 grams of thermos boiled without salt:
Calories119 calories
Carbohydrate10 g
Dietary fiber3 g
Proteins16 g
Fat3 g
The sodium4 g
The calcium51 mg
Magnesium54 mg
Potassium245 mg
WP128 mg
Vitamin A7.0 IU
Vitamin C1.1 mg
Folate59 μg

How do thermos

صورة لترمس جاف
Lupin beans usually sold dry in markets, are eating the seed within her crusts usually after soaking process, how to prepare a thermos for food?
  • Then soak the thermos in a solution of salt and water for an entire day
  • Working on changing the water at least twice during the soaking process
  • Purification of the thermos of water after soaking
  • Boil him new water on low heat for 20 minutes.
  • Then remove the thermos and mature beans add a little salt to it.
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