Know your health problems through your face! And methods of treatment

Know your health problems .. through your face! And methods of treatment

تعرف على مشاكلك الصحية.. من خلال وجهك! وطرق علاجها
Know your health problems .. through your face! And methods of treatment

The skin is a mirror that reflects the inner health of people. People who have enough sleep, drink enough water, and avoid eating too much fatty food have a more refined skin than those who drink caffeine and alcohol and who experience the effects of stress and fatigue. Are more susceptible to disease. 
For dermatologists, pimples, blemishes and facial blemishes are indicators of other health issues, and each area of ​​the face is a sign of a specific health problem, the Daily Mail reported. 

The specialists can use the face as a map to discover a range of problems, ranging from drought and stress to breathing problems as well as hormonal changes, and others. 

Here is an analysis of each part of the face and what it can reveal about your health and how to treat it:

1 - forehead:

For blisters and blemishes that may appear on the forehead, they may be the result of sweating due to fatty hair or forget about the makeup scan. If not for these reasons, the reason may be due to skin reaction due to nutrition issues. The forehead reacts when the digestive system tries to digest food, Because of eating bad food, a virus or eating fast, and this part is considered a warning regarding drought and bladder problems. 

In this case, you should eat more products rich in enzymes, including papaya, pineapple, avocado, olive oil and mango, and drink more water at the rate of 8 glasses a day, and try to sleep 7 hours at night.

2 - the area between the eyebrows:

The area between the eyebrows is negatively affected by the accumulation of toxins in the body because of the consumption of alcohol and fatty foods, alcohol affects the stomach acids and push toxins to other parts of the body, and fast food leads to the emergence of patches in this part of the face, because the oils used in cooking Can lead to imbalance in the stomach, as sugars can affect hormones and insulin resistance.

3 - nose:

The nose is an indicator of stress, emotional stress and poor blood circulation. Blackheads and blackheads that appear on the nose may be due to high blood pressure, cholesterol, alcohol intake and bad fats. 

The solution is to focus on exercising three days a week for thirty minutes, eating healthy, avoiding processed meat, eating avocados and cocoa butter, as well as avoiding hot food and being careful to eat high-fiber foods.

4 - lips:

For the lips, the appearance of pimples occurs during the menstrual period in girls, because of hormonal imbalance in this period, and drought and fatty foods is also one of the reasons. 
It is recommended in this period to increase the intake of fiber, and the practice of yoga.

5 - area under the mouth (chin):

Pimples appear in the chin region during adolescence and because of physiological changes in the body in the twenties and thirties of age. 

In order to overcome this, it is recommended to eat products rich in enzymes, such as papaya, pineapple, avocado, olive oil and mango, and drink plenty of water and a good sleep.

6 - ears and fingernails:

As for the ears, gums and under the eyes, this is usually due to lack of sleep and stress and also because of kidney problems or drought. 

The solution is to take care of 8 glasses of water a day.

7 - cheeks:

For the cheeks, the upper part is connected to the sinuses and the lower mouth is connected to the mouth, and the left side of the cheek has a strong link with the liver, while the right is more related to the problems of the lungs. 

The most common skin problems in this part are related to allergies, asthma, air pollution, cigarette smoke, and lack of exercise. 

The solution is to reduce the intake of dairy products and sugar, and to multiply the fruits and fruits such as melons, cucumbers, strawberries, grapefruit and tomatoes, and choose a good disinfectant to clean and remove bacteria.

8 - Neck:

The neck is affected and prone to blisters due to hypothyroidism, because the thyroid hormone is responsible for converting cholesterol to progesterone, a magical key to eliminating acne.
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