غشاء البكارة
Hymen is a thin and flexible loop of connective tissue located in the vaginal opening, in particular status on opening allows menstrual blood out through out the body, therefore does not close this membrane area vagina .
The female is born with a hymen, but it usually closed membrane at the first full sex, sometimes closed due to some violent sports or accidents suffered by the female.
Hymen is performed to treat improper building, in the following cases:
  • Clogging Hymen and lack a hole allows menstrual blood out (Imperforated hymen)
  • In cases where the hymen tissue core, which hole is too small to cause a lot of pain when sexual practice, which is named with dyspareunia(Dyspareunia)
  • If you encounter difficulty in inserting tampons (Tampon).

Details of the hymen

During the process of Hymen hole along the lines of X in the Centre of Maidenhead.
In some cases the surgeon to enlarge the hole if a tight hole. As it is possible to eradicate the hymen.
It usually perform this procedure in the operating room under general anesthesia .
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