Don't let your sex life ruined marital life

In many cases, be married life that talmaantzertmoha, a reason to destroy the couple's sex life. Here are tips to avoid this damage.
لا تدعوا الحياة الزوجية تدمر الحياة الجنسية
There are many factors that adversely affect our sex life, like old habits, routines, children, work, stress, etc.
The problem is that the damage to sexuality, on married life and leads to divorce. While the active sexual relationship and good proof of the marriage boom. Of course if the marriage was a failure, there is no need to talk about the sexual relationship. How to maintain a good and active sex life, and thus the development of married life? Here are some tips:
Communicate in bed
Sometimes you think that guy knows what she likes, and allege the man that women fully understand, which leads to a defect in the dialogue and communication between them about rghabthm, and what they expect in the bed. In many cases, the reverse also may occur, which used it spouse, become boring for them now, but do not dare to say so. All I want is to feel good during sex .
Asimple solution, they exchanged talk! Spouses should tell whether badama's chests. What do you love it, how they wanted to have a relationship and that satisfy them. When you talk things become clearer.
Fortitude in bed
Sometimes, preserving old habits just because of the fear of new things to experience. So we, like maintaining old habits that make us feel comfortable.Problem is that in this way, we lose the opportunity to learn new things might make us feel better, too. When there's a chance to learn new and exciting ideas, we can give up a little bit from our old attitude, which we can return to it whenever. Diversification in the bed, the marital relationship too.
Lack of self love
Sometimes the couple themselves and forget the things being sent away. So begins the staged self neglect. When there are children, loans, work, no man cares about his appearance and women lose motivation because you look beautiful as they were in the past. Since there are many things more important. The problem is that a man who is not happy in his life, he will find it difficult to be satisfied with his body, to love and to enjoy sex.The solution is easy, you have to support each other, compliment each other, to encourage yourselves, that special time you specialize you be alone, do you indulge him yourselves. Don't let stress method recognizes you at this time. .
Loss of intimacy 
Sometimes, no matter what the couple was, it was important. Often happens that after years of marriage. In fact, the relationship in the past to great effect.For fun, for the relationship to be full of excitement, sex and intimacy. Don't route, even if it requires time and effort. Otherwise, apart from that you won't feel too enjoy, you will feel a certain moment, it has become a chore for you, as soon as I stop exercising.

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