Damaged intercourse between spouses

Each couple is keen to enjoy in their relationship as much as possible, especially regarding the intimate practice, some couples engage in a sexual relationship, it is this harmful?
أضرار كثرة الجماع بين الزوجين
Intimacy is a fundamental pillar in married life, and fun is not complete without marriage, but what about the abundance of this practice? Of course its benefits and at the same time causing some damage to the couple.

Benefits of the intercourse between spouses

Of course for intercourse several characteristics to husband and wife, are:
  • Increasing interdependence between spouses: there is something you have permanently, unlike some couples who consider intimacy just duty to be performed at specific times, which increases the spacing between them.
  • Relax and ease deep sleep: as the orgasm causes increased secretion of serotonin which helps to feeling happy and relaxed, with attendance on intercourse on a daily basis ensures both falling asleep easily.
It also reduces the secretion of cortisol, a hormone that causes anxiety and stress.
  • Burn more calories: it is known that effort during intercourse leads to burn calories, and if sexual intercourse has increased with this process.
  • Feeling happy and psychological comfort: each party seeks to delight the other party during this practice, and thus increase their enjoyments.
  • Increase your chances of getting pregnant: I have a couple in the beginning of married life, they have a wish to procreate, intercourse will increase the probability of fertilization through quickly.

Intercourse damage

With these benefits, there is some damage caused by frequent intercourse, include:
  • Turning boring practice intimacy: there is concern that less lust and passion between the couple, who have a romantic sense and devoid of strong emotion, especially if they are in the same position and practice the method every time.
  • Affecting the health of women and men: because of the constant repetition, can women feel some pains, and can infect some infections, might as well catch a man with prostate problems.
  • Increased tiredness and fatigue: in addition to working hard daily, exercise sexual relationship very much and therefore feel more physical exhaustion.

Tips on daily intercourse

If he wanted the couple having sex on a daily basis, you should follow these tips:
  • The change in the relationship: they don't stay the same way everyday, but punctuated some of renewal and change in the asanas, so don't turn into a routine.
  • Attention to all aspects of life: non default against children and family or work, where to stay up because intercourse can lead to wake up late or lack of focus at work.
Highly recommended here organizing time until something comes at the expense of something else.
  • Hygiene sensitive area: either the woman or the man, so avoid infections or health problems due to intercourse.
  • Get enough rest: in Exchange for sex, postponing intercourse to the time when the couple at ease and ability of this encounter.
  • Each of the spouses ' satisfaction: do not be asked much intercourse by the pair, but become double desire them, so don't feel compelled to party of the second part of this relationship.
If the husband wants to practice intimacy with his wife, first must ensure its readiness and vulnerability to this matter at this time, so don't be weary of intercourse or cause this health problem.
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