Benefits of oregano

Oregano is a leafy plants that are used as spices for foods, plus medical benefits, you know baltvadel it
فوائد الأوريغانو
Oregano is a leafy plant that is used as a kind of aromatic spice and flavorings characteristic of foods, plus medical benefits.
Oregano has been used in cooking for thousands of years and is similar to thyme plant and participate with him in many properties, and can be used instead in many recipes.
So you know with us in this article on the most important health benefits llaorighano.

1. help cure colds

This plant treats diseases of the respiratory system of the ear nose and throat pains, colds.
Where the oregano contains a high proportion of compound alkarvkrol, which features a large number of antimicrobial properties, which penetrate the outer cell membrane of the bacteria or virus and thus become vulnerable to the immune system in the body making it easier to resist them and eliminate them.

2. improve cardiovascular performance

Oregano works to improve the performance of the heart and blood vessels, and reduces the risk of many heart disease and strokes, so it prevents the accumulation of harmful cholesterol that leads to atherosclerosis.Oregano maintains the heart valves and helps to work properly through blood circulation which leads to expansion of veins and arteries allow blood efficiently, thus reducing blood pressure and heart muscle strain.

3. ridding the body of toxins

Because the nutrient-rich oregano, such as manganese, calcium, iron and vitamin K and fiber, plus a wide range of other organic compounds, made him a grass ideal for removing toxins from the body.
Has shown many scientific researches, oregano could help in the work and efficiency of the liver in eliminating toxins in the body.

4. improves bone health

Oregano possessed large amounts of calcium, iron and manganese, which is one of the most important minerals for healthy bones.
Oregano features loaded with vitamin k, which promotes bone growth, and keeps the density, which helps prevent fractures or osteoporosis.

5. Prevention of cancer

Oregano contains large amounts of antioxidants and microbes, which fights the growth of cancer in the body.
Two of the most important components of oregano are rosmrink acid walthimol, both of powerful antioxidants that help protect cells from the harmful effects caused by free radicals through his work as a natural antiseptic contributes to preventing the spread of cancer cells.

6. increases energy levels

Oregano contains vitamin B, which works to improve the process of metabolism (metabolism) thus rejuvenating body and constant activity.
This plant is very rich in iron which works on higher levels of hemoglobin in the blood, which in turn contributes to oxygen to all cells and muscles of the body and thus increase energy and strength.

7. antibacterial

Oregano contains a set of important organic compounds such as althimol walkarvasol which possess antibacterial properties and bacteria that can affect the skin, intestines and other parts of the body.
Where this plant to stimulate the body to produce white blood cells, leading to a rapid recovery of the common diseases.

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