A medication that would protect against infection by HIV/AIDS

Despite the low numbers of AIDS, it has not been eradicated, and that's what he's working on researchers around the world, what is the new discovery in this regard?

دواء من شانه أن يحمي من الإصابة بمرض الإيدز
It may be possible now medication helps protect against infection with HPV HIV/AIDS, according to a new study published in the scientific journal New England Journal of Medicine.
Where a study showed that this drug would be better dealt with by men at high risk for HIV/AIDS, as a form of prevention, however, is no guarantee of protection from the virus in case of not applying the guidance in its use.
This drug called Truvada is a combination of the antiviral drug cocktail antiviral medications work on blocking HIV infection HPV through prevent the virus from reproducing in the target cells. The study showed the need to take medication before and after sex activity.
In order to test the medicine joint 400 men were targeted, and it was divided into two groups:
  1. First group: request medication Truvada where subscribers had 199
  2. Second group: participants medication placebo Placebo and reaching 201.
And asked them to take medication two hours to 24 hours before sex, so ate drugs at a rate 15 times a month, but the analysis of the results revealed that 43% of them just ate these drugs to correct times and follow the instructions.
After almost nine months results were as follows:
  • 16 men were infected with HPV, including two of the first set.
  • The two men did not follow the second set of instructions for medication, the researchers found no trace of the drug in their blood, meaning they did not eat the medicine.
  • Take the medicine, taking care to follow the guidelines reduce the risk of AIDS, about 82-86%.
  • He felt the first group subscribers (who ate the pill Truvada) with some side effects such as nausea and abdominal pain.
The researchers noted that they are currently working on a mechanism to enable men to take medication on a daily basis instead of by and go have sex, so in order to make it easy and so forgettable, besides providing multiple formats such as grain or step them to reduce the price too.
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