6 facts you should know about sex during menstruation

Does sex reduce menstrual pain and cramps? Here's the facts about sex during menstruation may have some surprise for you:
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Healthy sexuality plays an important role in physical safety, several studies have shown that people who have an active sex life, enjoy the mental and physical health than others. But is it safe to indulge in intimate sessions when the wife's menstrual period?

1. is it safe to have sex during menstruation?

Several studies have shown that it's not safe to have sex when your wife's menstrual period.
Due to the increased chance of infection and diseases partner injury, adding to the perspective of cleanliness which may cause aversion to him, and probably increases the risk of menstruating women with cervical infections, increased lubrication during this period or urinary tract infections.

2. preventive measures during use of safer sex

You can reduce the amount of blood that comes out during the menstrual period and the risk of diseases that might catch her and partner, with the female condom or condom, which may both feel more comfortable.
Avoid using tampons, intercourse with blood is paid to push it into the vagina and increases the feeling of pain.

3. sexual intercourse during menstruation reduces the need for lubrication

Studies have shown that women during the menstrual period less vaginal lubrication requirements during sexual intercourse, menstrual secretions tend to provide adequate lubrication.4. may increase orgasm in women during menstrual period
You may feel women during menstrual period they more exciting sexual desire intercourse, due to changes in hormone levels.

5. intercourse menstrual pain reliever

If you are experiencing symptoms of menstrual cramps or painful, such as feeling sad or depressed, it may be worth you having sex during this period, because the orgasms launches the hormone endorphins, which helps relieve the pain and give a sense of comfort and improvement.

6. is it possible pregnancy during menstruation?

To have sex during your period will not lead to pregnancy for most couples.
But you may get pregnant if you have shorter menstrual cycle from 21 to 24 days and got orgasm at the end of the period, viable sperm in the vagina for up to five days.
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